10 Creative Uses for the Humble Mug

Bone China Mug border collie dog Mug Ollie Collie Ollie the Border Collie

We sell a lot of mugs here at Ollie Collie, and we don't think they get enough love for just how useful they can be. Here's our list of creative uses. Ollie-Collie-Border-Collie-Alternative-Mug-Uses

  1. Pen pot – this is a great recycling idea if your favourite mug has been chipped or damaged in a way that means you can no longer drink from it. You still get to see it every day and you’re not adding to landfill!
  2. Why not brighten up your home with flowers? Your mug is the perfect vessel for the beautiful daffodils springing up just now.
  3. Who doesn’t love a mug of soup on a cold day? Perfect if you’re in a hurry with no time for a spoon
  4. Continuing the foodie theme, why not bake a mug cake? Perfect for a treat for one.
  5. Baking something bigger? You can use your mug to measure out ingredients!
  6. Feeling creative? Why not use your mug to hold your paintbrushes or even paint water. Just don’t confuse the dirty water with your brew!
  7. Hosting a buffet? Pop your plastic cutlery and napkins in a few mugs for easy and tidy access for your guests
  8. You could replace a boring plastic cup by your sink for a beautiful mug to hold your toothbrush and rinse your mouth out. Looks pretty and practical!
  9. Messy make-up drawer? Pop your brushes, mascara and lippy in a pretty mug on your dresser for easy access. No more rummaging around!
  10. Who says mugs are just for people? Why not use a pretty dog themed mug as a scoop for your dogs food. It’s a great, easy way to measure out how much they have each day.

Can you think of any more? Let us know! Do you have any photos of your Ollie Collie mug being used in different ways? Why not share on social media and tag us in!

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