5 Naughty Ollie Stories

Ollie Collie Border Collie Naughty StoriesIn our last post we mentioned that every Border Collie owner has stories to tell of the mischief their dog gets up to.

So we thought we’d share some of ours!

  1. When Ollie was just a wee cute pup he decided that our kitchen table and dresser were the ideal chew toys. Despite us providing plenty of puppy friendly alternatives, neither piece of furniture survived! Bit by bit, he chewed through an entire table leg and managed to completely deface the dresser. They eventually went for fire wood!
  2. We’re pleased to say he did eventually grow out of his chewing habits but not before completely embarrassing his owner at a dog training class. I stood listening intently to our next set of instructions, with what I thought was a beautifully behaved dog sat next to me nuzzling my hand - oblivious to the fact that Ollie was actually chewing through his lead until I felt it go light and realised he was tearing off across the field! The shame! (Training tip – always take a spare lead!)
  3. As a young dog he once jumped a barbed wire fence and was lucky to escape with only minor scratches to his belly. The funny part was actually his then pregnant owner having to chase him in mud and rain to retrieve him. Not a good look! Thank goodness his recall is better these days.
  4. We’d not long moved into a new house when we had a knock at the door one night. Our new neighbour was kindly returning an escaped Ollie who had not only gotten out from our garden but also encouraged two other dogs from the road to escape with him! The neighbour had found three of them at the end of the lane having a whale of a time! Ollie the rebel leader!
  5. Embarrassingly, the same neighbour also came to let us know on a separate occasion that Ollie had been sneaking out of the garden to steal the dog next doors breakfast! We are much more vigilant of his Houdini antics these days but he is getting, dare we say it, calmer as he gets older and saves his adventures for his walks.

These are just a few highlights from Ollie’s almost four years with us and we’re pretty sure there will be more to come! He really is a cheeky border collie but we love him for it.

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