The Union Bone Range

adults t-shirt border collie dog kids t-shirt Ollie Collie tote bag tshirt union bone union bone range

Our Union Bone range was born from a love of all things British, mixed with a sense of quirky fun that can only be inspired by Ollie’s cheeky, border collie ‘tongue out’ face.

Both the kids and adult t-shirts are made from 100% organic cotton and have a QI code on the label that can be scanned on your mobile phone to show their journey from plant to product. Great if you like to know EXACTLY where your clothing comes from!

The tote bags are made from Earth Positive organic cotton and are machine washable – because we like our products to be pretty AND practical.

Of course, a range inspired by British wouldn’t be right without a matching mug for your tea! So curl up in your comfy t-shirt, take a sip from your mug and keep all those necessities close by in your tote bag. Why not shop the Union Bone collection here… there’s currently up to 50% off on selected items!

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