New Year, New Micro Adventures

What I’ve learnt over years of making and breaking resolutions is that the smaller the goal, the more likely I am to achieve it. So when I saw Alastair Humphreys talk about micro adventures back in November, I was inspired. He had put a word to something that I had been trying to do myself for a little while without knowing what it was called. Essentially, it was about reframing the idea of an adventure into getting out wherever and however you can, even if it’s just in your back garden for half an hour!

If you follow me on social media, you may have seen snippets of me trying this out already.

A local group of fabulous, fearless women encouraged me to give wild swimming a go in my lunch breaks. Just to set the scene correctly, that’s in the river, in winter, with no wetsuits! It sounds crazy, right?! The benefits of cold water swimming are backed up by science though – improved immune system, better mental health, and enhanced blood circulation just to name a few.

Ollie Collie Beanie Hat Wild Swimming

I couldn’t resist giving it a go and I’m so glad I did because now I’m hooked!

Other examples of micro adventures include camping on a week night – leaving straight from your working day, heading to a beautiful spot, staying the night and then returning to work. How about that for an office morning story when asked what you did last night?!

Ollie Collie Camping Lake District Micro Adventure

We’re very lucky here in Sedbergh to have two National Parks on our doorstep, but if you don’t have a river or a camping spot nearby it can be as simple as taking your cup of tea and heading out for a local walk.

Ollie Collie Mug Fell Walk Micro Adventure

A potter somewhere new in your lunch break.

Ollie Collie Lunch break walk micro adventure

Driving a different route. Star gazing from your garden. A trip to the beach at the weekend no matter the weather.

You can involve the whole family too. 

Ollie Collie Beanie Hat Beach Micro Adventure

There are literally no limits to the adventures you can think of.

So what will you try in 2019?

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